birthday eve

Happy day before your birthday, Han!

Keeping a blog can sure remind you of the passage of time.  Lots of other things, too, but when you come back here and you realize your last post was February 12th, you just can’t believe it.  And I was going along so well with my every other day routine.  And I was writing some good stuff (I thought).

I wish I could tell you that after that last post, I had rushed to my desk and written 5 new amazing poems.  But that didn’t happen. So what have I been doing since February 12th?

In two words, cooking & reading.  There’s been other stuff in between, but those are the two things that first come to mind. When Han & I were first living together, he was repeatedly astonished at my lack of culinary skill.  That’s not to say he expected me to be in the kitchen to make sure his supper was ready on time, but in my single days, I just didn’t really cook much.  It was a lot of pasta and real simple stuff.  Stuff that he didn’t love.  He loves to cook but doesn’t have a lot of time for it.  Since we’ve moved in to this house (almost a year ago already!), I’ve made it a goal of mine to take on a lot more of the cooking and meal planning.  With DK a vegetarian again, that throws a curve into it all, too, but it all seems to be going okay.  I rely heavily on the internet, but Han recently had the idea to ask our family and friends to give us 5 recipes each.  So, there it is: if you’re reading this, please send me 5 of your favorite recipes, or recipes from your homeland (Mom, Mia) so we can expand our evening meals.  That said, our friend, John (of the gumbo-making) is in the kitchen right now making his sweet & smothered pork chops.  He told us that he didn’t have recipes written down but that he’d come over and make it and tell us what he was doing as he went along.   Yum.

Here’s a short list of some of the more interesting things I’ve made over the last 3 weeks:
– chicken stroganoff
– cashew chicken
– shrimp burritos
– chicken parmesan
– fish vera cruz

Tomorrow I plan to bake a cake for Han.  A chocolate peanut butter cake.  From scratch.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

On the reading front, I finished two books and will probably finish my other two by Sunday. [I’ve been keeping my Books page updated.] I try to read every spare minute, even when I’m waiting at traffic lights!  I’ve found it quite easy to keep up with all of the different stories.  This Sunday is my book club meeting (to discuss Away) and we’ll select a new book.  I’ll probably pick up a couple additional ones, too.  I’m loving the library!!

What else?  Han’s Acoustic Duo played a Valentine’s Day house concert, which went very well.   I had a day off for President’s Day.  I was part of a reading to celebrate the publication of an anthology I’m published in (more on that in another post to come).  And my parents celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary!

Speaking of parent, on the 21st, I drove up to LA to and spent the night at my folks house while my sister, her husband and her son were there for the day before they got on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera the next day.  We had a really great time.  We went out to lunch (MT & I had sushi), then my mom, sister & I went to see “He’s Just Not That Into You” (not bad).  I hadn’t planned to spend the night, but they applied heavy family pressure (not usual!) and we were having a great time, so I stayed.  We had In ‘n’ Out for dinner, then Red, Mom & I played Scrabble.  For the first time in quite a while, my mom did not win.  Red won the first game (with really awesome words!) and I somehow managed to win the second game.   In the morning, Dad made chocolate chip waffles (nostalgic!), eggs, bacon and sausage.  We hung out a bit and then I hit the road.  A very awesome visit!

That Sunday was the Oscars and Han & I watched them.  We thought they were great, including Hugh Jackman.  I read some blogs on the Monday following the show that just panned them, but I thought they were lovely.  Hooray for Kate Winslet.  I’d like to drink a pint with her.

From there, it was your basic week, except it was Marcia’s birthday! She was playing a gig with Barbara downtown so we went down to help her celebrate.  Before we arrived though, we made a stop at another place, which I can’t name yet, as it’s not opened.  But it’s the return of an establishment where I spent many many hours and where I met many of the people currently in my life.  The new location is downtown and the owners were working on some demolition to prepare for the opening (they’re shooting for early April).  They even let me do some demo of my own.  It was curiously satisfying to put a hammer through some drywall and do some damage!   After that, we made it to the bar, where we ended up hanging out for a long time.  Han actually sat in with Barbara & her band so it’s not like I could just leave (and not that I wanted to!).  It was a fun evening.  The night after that (the 27th for those keeping track), Han’s Rock Band had a gig which is always a good time.   

And then it was March!  This week marked the official start of the recording for the Acoustic Duo’s next album.  It will be a quick project, they have a mastering date set for the end of the month.  We want to have them ready for a festival they’re on in May in Texas.  I’m really looking forward to the record and all the hoopla that goes with it. 

Also, the Rock Band’s record is also progressing now.  Han is laying down his vocal tracks this week (sandwiched in between his various other projects).  Both these records will be coming out around the same time which should be interesting promotion-wise.  We’ll have to plan our attacks strategically so we don’t cannibalize the projects and the relatively limited availability of promoting avenues.

What else?  Han’s birthday is tomorrow!  The day is starting with a Rock Band photo shoot for the record.  I’ll make the cake and probably some other food.  We’ll have some people over then head to OB to catch our friends playing down at Winston’s.  Later that week, we’ll head to the Belly-Up to catch David Rawlings Machine (and Gillian will be there, too).  I plan to drive up to Tarzana the weekend after to see my old friend, Mindy, at a reading.  My nephew’s birthday is coming up too so I gotta get something in the mail for him.  A few Rock Band gigs.  An Acoustic Duo gig. And then I’m looking at April.  Somewhere in there, I have to also prepare my taxes (easy) and work on the ones for Han and his multiple businesses (hard), schedule my spa session, ship some stuff, set up my external hard drive, catch up on my Late Night with Jimmy Fallon shows as well as the U2 performances on Letterman, upload my photos to flickr, and of course, cook and read 🙂

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  1. Mia says:

    Hi Lizzie
    I have now mailed you not 5 but 7 recipes for different meals you can try.
    Some of the ingredients you might not have. I’m not sure about falukorv maybe IKEA but maybe it’s OK with another sausage.

    Good luck with the dishes.
    Love you
    Mia 🙂

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