NPM 30 / 30

from the Day 30 prompt on NaPoWriMo

Something That Returns

every word written feels like the last of its kind
every writer I know harbors this secret fear
it takes time to process & articulate
there’s no prescription
it’s its own magic
in that it disappears for stretches at a time
not as reliable as the change of seasons
but something you know will come back
as sure as the dip in your finger
from press of the pen

call it muse, call it inspiration, call it can’t function
without getting this tangled mess inside my brain on paper
when it happens again, when it comes back
you wonder how long it will stay this time
if it stays at all
but even if it doesn’t now
it will return
it always returns

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandy Thompson says:

    Nice job, Lizzie!

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