August Break #1: morning light

My bedroom window faces east. That means if I forget to close my blinds at night, the early morning sunshine streams brilliantly into my room.

The head of my bed is right under the window. In the summer, I keep the windows open a bit so I can catch the cool night and dawn air, which is also why the blinds are rarely closed in the summer. So it’s not so much that I forget to close them, it’s that the desire to feel a nighttime breeze is greater than the desire for darkness in the morning.

I realized that I haven’t really been noticing the light of the morning. Not with any deliberateness. I wake up, and the sun is shining. I live in Southern California after all, so, as Randy Newman said, “…the sun is shining all the time.”

I didn’t know the prompt for today until after the morning had already passed, so I posted a photo a few minutes ago (after 11pm) of a trail that Sandy & I walked when she and T were here last week. I also wanted to respond to the prompt here, just with some thoughts. A little meditation on the light of the morning. Trying to shake the cobwebs off the old keyboard and working on being a bit more observant about these everyday occurrences.

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  1. Sandy says:

    That was a very nice walk. It was such a pleasure to just walk, smelling the pine and eucalyptus, enjoying the peace and your company, and not be pulled all over the place by my dogs! Thanks for taking me there.

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