Day 11 – Cooperstown to Syracuse / Gig 5 – Salon at Georgia’s house

After a string of getting up early to cover many miles, this morning felt super luxurious. I enjoyed free breakfast at the Tunnicliff then took another short walk in Cooperstown. Here are some things that I saw:

After my walk, I went back to my room, showered, and packed up. Then I got on the road to Syracuse which was only a measly 83 miles away. However, time to get there was still about 2 hours as the byways and back roads took me.

The drive was easy and nice. It did start raining with greater force the closer I got to my friend, Georgia’s house. Georgia is another long-time poet friend. She kicks my ass in Words with Friends. We met in San Diego when she was on tour to promote her first book back in 1999. She came back a couple years later and stayed with me at the Meeting Grace house in Golden Hill. I don’t think I’ve seen her since then, but the advent of Facebook helped me reconnect with her.

This Syracuse stop was not part of the original plan, but a couple weeks before I left, the Rochester date, originally scheduled for Sunday, June 9, got re-scheduled to Tuesday so I had a couple days to figure out. That’s why I stopped in Cooperstown yesterday, and thankfully Georgia said she’d pull something together at her house for today.

Georgia’s house is exactly what you would expect a poet’s house to look like. Here are some pics of her place.

I seriously feel super comfy here, and even though it had been YEARS, just like with Victor & Lea in Worcester, we picked up like we’d just seen each other last week. Plus just look at her pooch, Enza:


So far so good. After having some scrambled eggs and toast, I chilled in my room awhile and she got the place ready for the people who began arriving around 6:30 pm. Really nice group of people, fiction writers, poets, former journalists, Fulbright scholars, seriously. Very smart and interesting group. Everyone brought a little food so folks mingled and ate a little before we got started. I only planned to read 15-20 minutes or so, then we’d take a break, then Georgia had invited everyone to bring something to share with the group.

I performed, and unlike any of the previous gigs, no one clapped between poems, which is fine, but I wasn’t really expecting that. But it was not a reflection of them not liking it. In fact, sales were the best of all the gigs I’ve done so far! After the break, almost everyone read something, a poem, a chapter from their new manuscripts, etc. It was all really nice, and they all said really nice things to me about my work, and good luck on the rest of the tour etc.

Someone did take a picture of me and Georgia, but he took it with his camera so I may never see it! But it was a great night overall, and I’m really glad it worked out that I could make this stop.

Off to Rochester tomorrow which is another relatively short trip for my feature at The Spirit Room!

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