hey there, hi there, ho there

Well, I let the summer completely go by without a post here of any kind. Summer was good. It was hot. Really hot at times. In mid-June, Sandy came to visit us for the first time since February 2020. She stayed for a week and it was great. We went to San Diego, we went to Laguna Beach and Sunset (or was it Seal?) Beach. In between those outings, we hung out at home and just chilled out. On June 15, many COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, but it wasn’t long before mask mandates were reinstated due to the spread of the Delta variant. Many people still refuse to be vaccinated and then they also don’t wear a mask to protect those who can’t be vaccinated for various reasons. So, yes, the pandemic remains. We’ve now lost almost 700,000 people, just in the US. That’s more than died during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Worldwide it’s 4.5 million. It’s sad and frustrating and truly amazing because for many, it seems like everything’s back to “normal,” whatever the hell that means.

Speaking of ‘normal,’ one thing I did felt that way a bit was I went to Disneyland at the end of June. It was really fun, and I had a great time. I went solo and walked about 11 miles between the two parks all day. Thankfully, they had recently opened up the solo rider lines so I did some of the big coasters multiple times. Since I was outside, I didn’t wear my mask, but when I was in lines where people were not socially distanced, I put on my mask happily. Others did, too, but I’d say the majority did not.

In July, I went down to San Diego for a couple days to meet up with Laurel who was in town with her two sons to visit her parents. She had rented an AirBnB in Pacific Beach that had room for me so I stayed with her. I also had some tacos with my friend, Mike, and went to see Jeff’s band play which was cool. I hosted my final (for now) Twitch show, which went well. Sandy & I did a virtual 5k together for San Diego Pride. In family news, my uncle Dewey spent some time in the hospital and, unfortunately, had to have his foot amputated due to diabetes complications. He’s back at home now and seems to be doing much better. Mom and I went to the Fullerton Arboretum on a Sunday in late July. It had been closed for a long time, so we were excited to check it out again. I went down to San Diego at the end of the month again. On the way south, I stopped and had lunch with Heather, and it was so good to see her and catch up. I rented an AirBnB in a private home which was new to me, but it ended up being great. The hosts were nice, and they had a spectacular pool that was worth the cost alone. The house was up on Mt. Soledad and had a great view too. I met my friend, Robt, to go to an outdoor poetry reading that was awesome. The next day (August 1), I had breakfast with Becky then I went for a long walk around downtown just like old times. It was really awesome. Later I had dinner with Mike & Dana, then I went to see Lindsay’s band play, which was a treat.

Also in August, I picked up a little more work doing freelance content stuff for my former company. It’s familiar work, and they need the help so I’m glad it worked out. In mid-August, Mom & I went to Utah to visit Sandy. Earlier that month, my nephew went to detox and to rehab to get help with his alcohol addiction. Now he is in sober living, and it seems to be going well. Also, right before we arrived, her husband and his brother left to go hike a long trail in Idaho. So while I missed seeing them, it was pretty special to have Sandy to ourselves. Oh, and her two big dogs, Harley and Mac. We had a good visit. I worked for a couple days and took a few days off. We also alternated between outings and relaxing at the house. The reason we’d gone at that time – to go to a concert up at Sundance – ended up not happening because it was raining hard that night, and sitting in the rain in the mountains did not appeal to any of us. Instead we binge-watched “Ted Lasso” and bonded over it. Such a great show!

In September, the main things were going to Huntington Beach with Mom to watch the sunset one day, doing a trail clean-up in Coyote Hills, and meeting Lindsay on a Sunday in San Clemente. I also signed on for another season with the editing work I’ve been doing since 2019 so that’s cool. Otherwise, all the months have many of the same elements: tennis with Dante twice a week most weeks, attending City Council or other city commission or advisory council meetings, reading, hiking, shopping to prepare for our trip to Costa Rica (!!!). Oh, and last night, I was interviewed for a spot on the Historical Preservation Advisory Council, and I went to my first show at La Mirada Theatre. It was a performance of Clue, and it was great. I was so happy to see it. I look forward to all the future shows. I subscribed to the whole series of Broadway shows. Next, I’ll see Mamma Mia!

Just a quick note about baseball. After what started out to be a hot hot season for the San Diego Padres, after the All-Star Game (where they had five players!), things just kind of fell apart. They were still in the Wild Card race for the majority of August and into September, but then, I don’t know, they just couldn’t win. They played pretty well, but the other teams just played better, scored more runs. They’re not going to the playoffs, and they’re going to have a losing record which is so wild considering how electric this team had been throughout the season.

Which brings us to October, my favorite month. Part of my shopping trips have included picking up totally unnecessary but totally delightful Halloween decorations. I think I’ll start decorating this weekend. But of course, the big event this month is our trip to Costa Rica. In an ideal world, I will blog while I’m there like I did when I went to Scotland. I’m so stinking excited and kind of nervous and then back to excited all at once.

I hope whoever reads this had a nice summer and are looking forward to fall. Take care out there.

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