2022 winding down

Today I went back to work after being off for 11 business days. It wasn’t as hectic as I expected, but I think that’s because many of the projects are still assigned to the folks who were covering for me while I was out. I expect it to get a bit busier the next couple days.

However, there’s no denying that it’s November now which means the year is looking at its horizon, but it also means I’ve got to fill out my ballot, I have a doctor’s appt., I was summonsed for jury duty, my birthday, Thanksgiving, work events in December, Mom’s birthday, the Star of India show, and, of course, Christmas and New Year’s. I’m already tired, lol.

It was pretty easy to get back into my routine here at home which is fine. I mean I can’t always be on vacation! After work, Mom & I walked around the garden and she showed me what she did while I was gone. It also rained a bunch (for here) last night and the day was at times a combo of cloudy, sunny, and breezy. Then we chatted about the rest of the week and what we think we’ll eat, etc. I made a shopping list and went grocery shopping.

After that I chose to catch up on the baking shows I was watching before I left. Baking shows relax me, and I like the creativity. I finished Halloween Baking Championship and caught up on The Great British Baking Show. I also picked back up my reading on the two library books I still have that I need to finish before Tuesday.

Tomorrow night, I’ll go see A Few Good Men at the La Mirada Theatre which I’m really looking forward to. Better get ready for bed now!


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  1. Sandy says:

    The next couple months are going to be full of stuff, aren’t they?

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