August Break #s 10-18 in reverse order

Five years ago (#18)

I just posted a photo to IG of a plane coming in to land in San Diego. I was walking around downtown San Diego as I did nearly every weekend. It’s funny because I didn’t consider myself a “walker” or “hiker” then. Hell, I don’t think I even wore a sports bra when I walked around, just a regular bra, t-shirt, jeans, and Skechers. But I’d walk a lot, expanding my perimeter. The photo was from Aug 19, 2017 so five years and a day ago. Here’s what I wrote in my gratitude journal on 8/18/17:

I am grateful for walking after work and my weekly call with Dad. I am grateful for turning off the TV to finish my book.


I looked back at my Goodreads history to try to figure out what I was reading. It was a book called All the Little Children by Jo Furniss. This is an excerpt from the review I wrote for it:
A woman, her sister-in-law, and their kids take a camping trip before school starts and while they’re away from civilization, a deadly virus kills nearly everyone. What follows is their survival story, and I can tell you right now, in that situation, I probably wouldn’t have made it. 


Good news, five-years-ago, Lizzie! You have survived a deadly virus that killed a lot of people (granted, you weren’t camping in the woods of England, but still, good job, you!)

Bedroom window (#17)

I took what, for me, is an artsy shot of my window as reflected in my mirror. I like how it turned out. I really like my bedroom. There is a lot of rhetoric out there about how your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary, a place where you feel relaxed etc. I think I’ve nailed that. I keep it fairly tidy. I keep my closet doors open so it feels just a little bit bigger, plus I have a bookcase in the closet that holds all the books I’ve had poems published in, any books that are signed by the author, plus a lot of poetry journals. I like being able to see that bookcase. I have a lovely purple armchair that I got from a writer friend. My bed is almost always made and is always comfortable. I thought about trying to rearrange the furniture not too long ago, but it would prove difficult. There are not a lot of options with the pieces I have. Still, I’m pleased with my room and do consider it a cozy, safe space.

Breathe (#16)

This one fell on a Tuesday which is usually the day I talk to my sister. But because there was a chance I would be otherwise engaged, we spoke on Sunday this week. That evening, Mom and I went to the Fullerton Arboretum for an after-hours members-only stroll. They had little tables with water and snacks for folks as they went by on the trails. It has been so hot here. It was still hot when we were there (85 degrees at 7 pm), but the place is filled with trees so it was shady and quite pleasant. I had forgotten any bug repellent so I felt itchy. I don’t think I was bitten, but I’ve been having these hive flare-ups that are no fun. Anyway, it was a nice time (aside from my personal itchiness). From this outing, I posted a sun-dappled tree for the prompt.

Unicorn (#15)

The first thing I thought of when I saw this prompt was Scotland. Why? Because the unicorn is their national animal. I mean, if you didn’t already love Scotland…There are statues of them throughout Edinburgh, and when I first saw them, I was like, “Why?” When I got the answer, I was simply charmed.

Love is… (#14)

I chose not to post a photo for this prompt on Instagram. I mean, love is so many things, right? I guess first thing most folks think of would be romantic love, but there are many different kinds of love: familial love (sibling, child, parental, etc.), platonic love, plus there’s love for nature, music, writing, etc. I feel like I have measures of all of those types of love, and in large part, it is reciprocated. Again, there is a lot of commentary, industry, and status around romantic love. I am not against it, but I don’t feel that my life is any less than for not having it or for not seeking it. I am quite happy and really enjoy my life and all the other love I have in it.

6 o’clock (#13)

This prompt was odd. I took a photo of a wind element in our yard and the cool shadow it makes on our back wall at 6 o’clock in the evening. In the summers at 6 pm, it’s usually still pretty warm and I’m usually listening to baseball or playing tennis or reading or hanging out. It’s not a magic hour for me, but it’s not bad.

A secret (#12)

Another prompt that went without photographic documentation. I couldn’t think of any secrets I have. I guess you could say I have some open secrets, like I’m totally satisfied working part-time and have no motivation to increase my hours. Or that I do honestly enjoy living at home with my mom. How about that my dreams are about all the places I’d like to visit in the world? You get the idea.

Green (#11)

For this one I posted a photo from a recent trail walk with some green trees and bushes reflected in a lake. But for whatever reason, I also wrote this silly rhyme/rap:

green means go
green means money
green means I’m filled
with envy for you, honey

green means naïve
green means sustainable
green means being
on this boat is unbearable

green means unripened
green means spring
green means it’s time
to work on your putting

being green ain’t easy
in case you hadn’t heard
still I’ll watch my thumb
turn green and 
listen to the birds

Yellow (#10)

When my sister and nephew were here last month, we went one day to Long Beach to 2nd and PCH which is a new mall they have. It’s very IG-friendly with lots of vibrant murals, some cute shops and a few restaurants. We ate at this Italian place that was fine but not what any of us really expected or enjoyed all that much. Like I said, it was fine but kind of a miss. Before we left though we took some ussies against one of the murals, For the prompt, I zoomed in on a section of the wall that was a bright yellow. Another attempt at some artsiness.

I don’t really have any big feelings around ‘yellow.’ I like the color. In fact, all three bedrooms in our house are painted a pale yellow that is lovely and soothing. It’s a happy color generally unless it’s associated with illness, but I generally think of more merry things like the sun, egg yolks, and flowers.

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  1. Josefa says:

    I really enjoy reading about your August Break stories. I especially liked your secrets 🙂

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