Mid-week check-in

I know that NaBloPoMo is supposed to be every day, but you know what, my days so far this week have been a bit lackluster. Not that that’s a bad thing!

Monday and Tuesday were both rainy days so the mood was definitely cozy socks and binge-watching. I worked in the morning, then Mom & I both just kind of kept to ourselves. On Monday, we did go to the liquor store to buy Powerball tickets because the payout was like two billion dollars. Can you imagine? Spoiler alert, we didn’t win! We also FaceTimed with Sandy as we do at the beginning of every month.

And yesterday, we dropped books at the library and went to Crumbl (chocolate pumpkin cheesecake cookie for me) and Trader Joe’s. So we did get out a little bit, but the rainy, blustery weather persisted all day and just made for hunkering down a bit. I also talked to Sandy last night per our usual Tuesday night routine.

A fun thing all three of us have been doing is drawing something new every day based a prompt challenge that Mom found for us. Here are a few of mine:

Some are better than others, but I like doing it. It’s usually pretty quick and it’s a different way to be creative.

Maybe you’re asking what I’ve binge-watched? Over the weekend, I watched “The Watcher.” The last couple days, I re-watched “Dead to Me” in anticipation of the third season that starts next week. And now I’m watching season three of “GLOW” which I somehow had missed. I also finished reading two books.

And, of course, the mid-term elections were yesterday. Mom & I dropped off our ballots last week. I’m giving it a few more days to follow up on some of the California things as well as some of the national races. There were some favorable results for people who lean as I do and some not so favorable. My mom would say the same thing (I’m guessing).

The rest of the week should be sunny but cool. I’ll return to Aqua Zumba tomorrow and then tennis with D on Friday. I’d like to go walking/hiking again this weekend, which will be good, since, as I’ve mentioned, mostly my mood has been… well, I’ll illustrate with this photo of Lulu the dog:

Cozy & sleepy

Until next time!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Josefa says:

    You explined the rainy days perfectly. I did even less. Love Lulu’s picture.

  2. Sandy says:

    That dog loves her clothes!

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