Serena, September, and what’s to come

Since the end of August until September 2, all (tennis) eyes (and others) were on Serena Williams who announced that she was evolving away from tennis and her last tournament would the U.S. Open.

Her run-up to the tournament wasn’t impressive so it was not certain if she’d get past the first round. She did. And she got past the second round, beating the No. 2 seed in the tournament. The third round was played on Friday, September 2 against Ajla Tomljanovich. The match was ESPN’s most-watched tennis telecast on record with 4.8 million people (peaking at 6.9 million). It was a 3+ hour match going three sets. Serena was not the victor, but it was an impressive way to go out.

I’ve been a big Serena (and Venus) fan for many years. They’ve done so much for tennis as a whole and for women’s tennis in particular. Truly legends. (BTW, Venus hasn’t said anything about retiring/evolving). At work about every six weeks, we do a creative inspiration lunch where every member of the team gives a presentation on something that has inspired them. Our last lunch was on Sept 2, and my presentation was on the Williams sisters. I’ll link to just one article that lists all their incredible accomplishments, but there are a lot. Enough said.

After that first U.S. Open week, I spent the 2nd week watching all the matches I could (thank you ESPN 3). Sometimes I also had the baseball game on. I was pretty focused on tennis until the last match on Sept 11 where Carlos Alcaraz, a 19-year-old from Spain, beat Casper Ruud from Norway, and also became #1 in the world. Good for him.

So now it’s mid-September somehow. Did I mention there was a heat wave for a good week to 10 days? Temps in the high 90s and 100s. Miserable. It’s cooled off some lately, but those highs will come back not this weekend but next. What the calendar says also means that I’m five weeks away from vacation, baby! And this week, I started thinking and writing lists and mentally preparing myself. My sister and I will fly to Athens, Greece, and spend three nights there before flying to Chania, Crete for a weeklong creativity retreat, and then, just for fun, a couple nights in Munich, Germany. We fly home on Halloween, which is my favorite holiday, so that will be fun and different. There’s a lot to prepare for but I feel like I’m in a good place with it.

Other things coming up in the next few weeks: the return of live theater in La Mirada, seeing Young Frankenstein next week, still taking Aqua Zumba which is fun, trail clean-up, day of service in La Mirada, library book sale, a Zoom call with the folks going to Greece for the retreat. Maybe I’ll try to sneak in a visit to San Diego? Last week I got my 2nd dose of the shingles vaccine and my flu shot, and I’ll figure out if I need to get another Covid booster before my trip.

So that’s what’s been going on with me lately. Until next time!

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  1. Sandy says:

    Good times!

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